Figgy Coconut Balls

13 04 2014

It’s a rainy old day here in Bris-Vegas & that means it’s perfect weather to get in the kitchen & make lots of food…. Despite how it may appear from my recipe ratio of sweets to actual food, I don’t just eat cake & chocolate all day…. Not all day.

Ever noticed that dried figs sometimes taste like some sort of booze? No, it’s not because I soaked them in booze….. Or because I was chowing down on them when I was already drunk. Huh? Just me? Weird thing to say? I totally think I can taste like brandy or port or something like that in dried figs? No? Whatever. These balls taste boozy to me, let me know if you get that too.


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Thai Beef Burgers

31 03 2014

We have sold our house & moved into a rental house that has the WORST oven in all of the land…. Who am I kidding, the entire kitchen is what my nightmares are made of. The only saving grace is the gas cooktop, even though only 3 of the 4 burners work. Anyway, back to the oven. This thing is tiny but that isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that the thermostat in it is obviously broken….. Which we learnt the hard way…. A few times. This sucker will turn anything to charcoal within about 5mins if you set the temp to more than 120C. Any recipe that involves an oven for the next 6mths comes with a warning “I have no idea what temp this was cooked at”. Lucky for you, and me, this can be chucked in a frypan or on the BBQ, phew.

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Salted Caramel Choc Macadamia Fudge

25 03 2014

If you thought that was a mouthful you should try shoving a bit of this fudge in your gob. It’s a mouthful mouth-party. It’s a bit sweet, but a bit salty & a bit nutty…. Kinda like me actually. You could drizzle some coconut butter on top, or a bit of melted dark chocolate. You can sub in some other nuts if you prefer. Read the rest of this entry »

Coconut Goji Bounty Bars

16 03 2014

How good are Bounty Bars!? Seriously, I think they are my favourite of all the chocolate bars! Since the packaged ones contain all manner of cr@p ingredients, I mean humectant & soya-lecithin?! WTF are those things? I have a little something for you. You could substitute the goji’s for some cherries & have yourself a Cherry Ripe. You are welcome.

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Raw Berry Tart

9 03 2014

Raw Tarts are all the rage at the moment…. I think the vegans are largely responsible. That’s not a dig at vegans, I love this raw tart business. There is a lot of raw vegan ‘something-or-another’ kicking about in health food cafés & shops, it’s the new black, all the cool kids are doing it so I thought I’d best dip my toes in too…. To the concept, not the tart. I wouldn’t put my feet in the tart, that’s just unhygienic.

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Are You Already Merrymaking?

2 03 2014

How good does this cake look?? Have you guys discovered these top chics yet? The Merrymaker Sisters will knock your socks off with their fabulous recipes that are all paleo & freaking delicious aaaaaannnnnddd they have a BOOK! I love recipe books, they make me so happy. This one will make you happy too. It’s a cracker.


Well without further ado, let’s get to know these Merrymaking Sisters…..

Who are you?
We’re known as a few names! ‘The merrymaker sisters’, Emma and Carla or e + c! We’re just two Aussie real life sisters who want to have fun, be inspired and live creatively… and we’re on a personal mission to make the world a healthier place one recipe at a time!

How long have you been ‘cave ladies’?
We’re not sure if we found paleo, or that paleo found us? We’ll never know but will be forever grateful!. Not only for bringing us good health but a fire in our tummies (aka passion) to share it with the world! We’ve been living a paleo lifestyle for almost 2 years now and we’ll never be turning back!

Why ‘Merrymaking’?
In the dictionary, to ‘merrymaker’ means to bring joy to. Eating and living the way we do brings us so much joy, as does blogging and sharing the recipes we create! When it came to naming our online hub, there was no other word that better suited it!

What’s the ‘dream’?
To merrymake full time! It’s our intention to be merrymaking full time by the end of 2014! So watch this space! We’re going to develop our online hub even more, with a YouTube channel, more eBook resources and then be hardcopy published authors! Yes please! Plus we have like a zillion other ideas that are still in the works!

Favourite ingredient of all time?
Ooo! Well this is different for both of us! Carla LOVES sweet treats and can’t go past raw cacao powder. Emma is definitely savoury queen and loves avocado with everything! Who doesn’t?!

If you were on a deserted island & could take one celebrity chef with you, who & why?
Jamie Oliver! He is like the celebrity chef of all celebrity chefs! We love his story of where he has come from and his passion for healthy, simple food! We are so inspired by his personal story as well as his drive to actually make a dent in this world… which he has done several times over! Plus! Then we would have someone to cook for us while we soak up the sun… hehe… kidding!

Favourite kitchen item?
This is easy! Our Vitamix! We use it around 5 times everyday for EVERYTHING! Cake batters, cookies, smoothies, nut butter, sauces… EVERYTHING! We even minced bacon with it the other day!

Create the most mind-blowing ice cream flavour. Go!
Caramel cookie dough with double choc brownie bites, a ripple of coconut cream, a ripple of caramel AND a ripple of choc-hazlenut fudge (paleo of course)! Oh. My. Food. Can this happen stat?!

You have to cook a dish for your worst enemy, what do you make?
Well we always say: kill them with kindness! SO! We would create our most favourite dish and wow them with deliciousness! It would have to be our paleo creamy chicken pesto ‘pasta’ (seriously nom!), we’d also make a serve of sweet potato chips (because EVERYONE loves sweet potato chips), and then finish off with a de-snicker-licious raw cake! Post-dinner we will probably be BFF!

You’re in the lift with Jamie Oliver…. What do you say?
First things first: WE LOVE YOU JAMIE! That’s if we could get the words out, we may be star struck at this stage. Then we would sit him down and just talk and talk about food and cooking and then propose the idea that he DEFINITELY needs two aussie merrymaking sisters on his FoodTube channel!

In January 2014 we launched our first eBook: Let’s Eat Paleo. Packed with over 50 paleo recipes that are easy and delish to get you healthy! We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback so far! The eBook also has all of the practical stuff like an overview of paleo, breakdown of our shopping trolley and frequently used ingredients! It seems that everyone is loving the simplicity and delciousness of all the recipes! Yay! You can get a copy HERE.



Massaman Beef Cheeks

28 02 2014

I have not had beef cheeks since I made THIS RECIPE and made the discovery that they are actually cheeks for the face of the cow, not the butt. Easy mistake to make. These babies are the best to slow cook & you end up with this amazing fally-apart-melt-in-your-mouth business and a great dose of skin & gut healthy gelatin.

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