Coconut Butter

21 06 2012

This might actually be the best thing I have ever eaten! Seriously, I know I am a bit OTT when it comes to coconut but this stuff is SO good. I used dried shredded coconut but you could probably use coconut flakes or desiccated coconut.

400g shredded coconut- unsweetened, preservative free

Pop it in the food processor and blend. That’s it. I will probably take about 10 minutes and you might need to give the edges a scrape occasionally. It will turn into a paste then start to get a bit runnier like nut butter and then you are done. Pop in a jar and use it as you wish….


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14 responses

22 06 2012

I’m addicted to coconut butter too! It’s so good and extremely versatile. I’ve never made it homemade though. Cheers to you for making your own!

22 06 2012

What do you use your for Paleoinportland? My use is currently restricted to eating it straight from the jar!

22 06 2012

I love spreading it on bananas, dates and dried apricots. It’s also really good drizzled on top of fresh strawberries. I used it as icing once too when I made a batch of grain-free cinnamon rolls (I need to make those again!). It’s great on pancakes too.

22 06 2012

All excellent ideas. Thank you!

25 06 2012
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